About Us

Who We Are?

To start it, We are not a big organization, just a husband and wife with a 3 years cute boy, We always tend to look products for our boy online but as we all know from experience online shopping in Pakistan was always a hassle, buying lifestyle products online and receiving a bad quality product is something very normal.

We decide to change the trend, change the minds and provide the export quality products to the mom’s and dad’s. We might be a bit higher in prices in this competitive market, but we assure you we never compromise on quality. There is a lot to come at The Bobo Store Online. But whatever come and change, one thing will continue the same “Quality”.

What We Do?

We chose the best products around the globe, import it to Pakistan and sell it to the local clients. We have rented some warehouses / allocation slots in different countries and keep/move our products through world top courier services. Once we receive the product in our local warehouse in Islamabad, We ship it to you via local courier service.

What Is Comming?

Though it’s a surprise, but soon we will be having a warehouse in Pakistan, where we will be able to stock our products in fulfill your needs in hours and days. Please be with us, We assure you that we will be providing you the best possible services.